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Apr 4, 2014 5:30pm PDT
by afghan standards kandahar, the taliban strong hold is a very traditional place. women here stay under wraps. before leaving home, she covers herself head to toe. then takes the bus to one of the few places where women here can relax and learn. the kandahar institute of modern studies, a vocational school. the only one in town where women study english, computer skills and management. this is the school's founder and main teacher. what does this institute mean for the women who go there? >> well, it means opportunity. it means freedom. it means hope. it means job. >> reporter: for parwana, it means even more. the school is her refuge. after she married last year, her husband ordered her to stop coming. but she wouldn't give up. she borrowed books and studied in secret. >> i try to middle of night i was studying management and i want to bring my assignment. >> reporter: when her husband's family caught her reading, she says they beat her, starved her, and locked her in a cold room until she had a nervous breakdown. >> they were uneducated people and i was educated girl. >> reporter: par
Apr 3, 2014 9:00am PDT
engel has been reporting on a school in kandahar directly affected by the u.s. aid. richard, what is happening to this program for girls? >> reporter: well, this program, it's the kandahar institute for modern studies and has about 1600 students, it's a vocational school and has young men and young women. and for the young women in particular, it is unique because there is no other place like it in kandahar where women can learn computer skills and language skills and connected via skype to professors and graduate students all over the world. this school has been operated since 2002. it has changed hundreds if not thousands of lives for young women. it has been a way for them to get out of a very restrictive confined society. in many cases the women had to have enormous conflicts with their husbands and families and sometimes these women were beaten befofor going to school. as u.s. troops are being brought out of this country, as they go, the money is going with them. and this institute and many other institutes have lost their funding and we spoke to the school's director and he
Apr 2, 2014 2:30pm PDT
to take part even in kandahar. they have threatened to disrupt the process. they have not succeeded. this time, it's a big rally. stronghold, he is emphasizing his tribal credentials. he is the man that can bring peace to an area that has seen some of the worst fighting. but why would the taliban want to talk? >> the forces are not threatened. and the kind of numbers that make them doubtful that they would ever leave. we have succeeded. we have brought about massive participation of the public in this election. the democratic process is gaining ground. >> we drive north for a rally to a candidate that will ease the best people are the men that fought its wars. scholar, one of the most notorious warlords. but in the past decade, he has been useful to the west. he is even talking about women's rights. >> how is the campaign going? thank you. >> he fought against the taliban and in this area and is still at the top of the hit list. >> the crowds have gathered here. symbolizes --that the number of guns still matters in afghanistan. it emphasizes that it is no longer an
Apr 10, 2014 8:00pm EDT
of the country. in kandahar, whole lines of people. last time it was an empty city, no one went out. there are some great movements there and it's very exciting. >> you contributed to what? >> 12 years of the karzai era is over. was somethingit to think about. they're very worried about what happens beyond 2014, the withdrawal of western troop. they really want to have someone -- >> someone that will stop the taliban and. talk to me inside the palace about how concerned they were that karzai had not had a security agreement with the states. tacklent someone to help which they see as the real culprit. >> and so do you. we will get to that in a moment. tell me about the afghan people. long? did i stay so it is because of the afghan people. they are incredibly warm and tough. they are amazingly hospitable. otherworldly in that they have had an ancient civilization still intact, traditions still intact. they have a very tribal system, a very religious system. they're very conservative .uslims i think they still have values that often in the west we have forgotten. they go to funerals, w
-- kandahar for his own projects. it was close to the border in an area where there was taliban infiltration. atta in the north, of course, initially came to power through that process, but then the north became relatively stable and the international military presence there was a provincial recon strung team which -- reconstruction team which was head by the british and then -- the organizer of the international military mission. can you describe how each of them related to the international military, how they used it politically? in dealing with the rivals and central government, that relationship with us was also very important. >> guest: yes. for sharzai the relationship with the americans is absolutely central to understanding his story. a lot of people said to me over the years, shari was really not a major until the americans saw something -- a major player until the americans saw something in him and connected with him and afforded him an opportunity to take power in kandahar, and then allowed him to make an extraordinary amount of money. i think rashid and a number of others estimat
Apr 8, 2014 6:30pm PDT
in kandahar province of god. it is a charming in a pickup truck that had been diverted to fund troops had not demean george falling and hurting extortion. that was team tied the knot. i know we missed it the main menu did you. dinner with him the kingdom. this basting often he can become beacons with norwegian attacks as a fun assignment and forced to conduct its new president the country had seen a rise in violence by the time to bond with god account the findings could disrupt the torch of addictions. then fifty people including some foreigners have been killed in the new study by the doubts and allows my mind high level amended looming cloud of fear of christ on solid huge unexpected turn out on saturday as more than seven million of guns cost divorce on it any security or across the nation. the point is i'm giddy up connection look restaurants which are dotted boxes from a contest on thirty four provinces any action commission office in capital kabul on sunday according to the bullets to contaminated sites but come on by teacher trainee for the final design for the announcement made m
Apr 25, 2014 6:00pm PDT
. that the plane landed, say, for example, in diego, garcia, or that it is in kandahar, or that it is being held hostage by some country or another. and then you have those who are just annoyed that the government or the airline has not provided more information so that they could understand what has happened. and finally, there are those members of the family who basically have recognized what has happened. taken a sort of dignified silence and now want the plane to be declared lost so that they could move on to the next process of the compensation. all of them in some shape or form, not terribly happy with the malaysian government. >> well, president obama actually arrives in malaysia on saturday evening. he addresses of course the ferry tragedy on the south korean visit. did the prime minister have anything to say about the malaysian/american relationship. >> reporter: yes, the prime minister most certainly did have something to say about the relationship. he sees the way malaysia is positioned between say for example the united states and china. the u.s., of course, has been a traditional al
the country. i even heard, i talk to people in kandahar who said they were long lines of people coming out, people who didn't want to vote five years ago because they're so disillusioned with the security situation, with karzai, with the way the country was going. they did come out this time. so that was good but at the same time we had obviously dreadful things happen, and, of course, many of you might of heard two of our journalist colleagues got shot the day before the elections. kathy survived but the other died. that was in a pushtan an area where obviously security is not 100% and they went to see how the election would go, we people turnout, which people be too intimidated by taliban, or would there be fraud in a vacuum. so that was the great fear. i think what i'm hearing since the election is it wasn't -- ana was a big success in the main cities. a lot of people really showed i think they believe in the way forward is a democracy. it's quite new to afghans but they really are embracing it, but we are doing also there was intimidation and places where people didn't come out and vot
Apr 3, 2014 12:00am PDT
with the interests of these various groups. we've encountered some of these pitt fails. why were the kandahar police officer so unreliable for so long. it isn't because we didn't -- >> kandahar was their-- >> it had been their ideological center, and we unwittingly in the early years of the war helped create the excluesary political economy that helped leave key population outside the tent. and that's the tribal population from which the taliban grew strength and came back in. mali is another example beeper doing a great job training the armed forces and a portion defected to fight with al qaeda. i think one of the key things now that we've learned in iraq many lessons associated with this, with the ministry of interiors and forces-- we have to put the politics at the center of these efforts and recognition want degrees to which our interests are incongruent. >> rose: the final fallacy is we can opt out of it. >> that means we ought to in this case listen to trotsky who says you may not be interested in war but war is interested in you. ( laughter ) this is a tendency we have -- >> look but look wha
Apr 5, 2014 4:00am EDT
. when you have bases with as many as 30,000 people, bagram and kandahar, the two largest. is as muchse bases an operational commitment to keep the logistics platform relevant to the campaign as it is simply closing the base itself. he is roger grading the excess is retrograde and the excess material that has been accumulating for over a decade. when i took control, we found we had 60,000 excess armored vehicles and 100,000 shipping containers will spare parts. he has been working to move that out of the theater as quickly as he can. the third part is sending home the troops and their organizational equipment. advise, assist, and support. the retrograde enterprise. the third area is a transfer of tasks. on any given day, the isdquarters of isaf undertaking several hundred different tasks in the execution and accomplishment of the mission of this campaign. as time goes on and as isaf continues the process of moving towards the completion of its mission, those tasks will have to go somewhere. many will be completed and that will be the end of that. a number will transfer directly to the f
Apr 2, 2014 6:00am EDT
. afghans are determined to take part even in kandahar, the spiritual home of the taliban who threaten to disrupt the process. but they haven't succeeded. crowds have turned out despite the risk for every candidate who has come here. this time it's a big rally for ash rid ghani afraid sy, former finance minister and world bank official. but in this pes tune stronghold he's emphasizing his tribal credentials. he's pandering peace to an area that's seen some of the worst fighting. but why would the taliban want to talk? >> the national forces are not here in the kind of numbers that made them doubtful that they will ever leave. we have succeeded at the military transition. we have brought about a massive participation of the public in this election. democratic process is gaining ground and working. so the mandate that we will have is a very different mandate. >> reporter: we drive north of kabul to a rally for a candidate who believes the best people to run afghanistan are the men who fought its worse. he's an islamist scholar, one of the most notorious warlords. in the past decade he's
Apr 3, 2014 7:00pm PDT
here if you are talking to people in india. in kandahar you hear the iranians we too influential in mazar e sharif germs i sharif you hear that pakistan is determining what's going on in in kandahar and it was awful province that is really hardly an afghan that it goes and and while there are elements of truth in all these knits that the afghans in the and have really resisted very much foreign domination for a long time and to get something that i think the neighbors are very aware of and so they each and tempt you. i insinuate themselves as much as possible to gain as much ability to influence. no mention of an arranger modi the bjp leader in india it would have an impact on the chemist i think it i think that the point that down the cormorants this is the right wanted to be a lot depends on whether or not military he were to come back and seventy continued his military that would make pakistan during and after and they would perhaps need to match her feel feel that they were something dangerous. and at the same thing at the prahran market contributed to my neighbors are not ar
Apr 5, 2014 7:00pm PDT
of kandahar. it is here. put upon us. the people are not scared of anyone. we will die one day anyway. voting is the only way to choose our future enemies trip. one of the major success stories of the day with the keys turned eight. the new boards is particularly into the areas continued page in the country's violent history elected to calling for more security and less corruption the first end results will be in for months to come. botha has the dt is open to its regional correspondent his bowling events from islamabad he tells us now which means it is high time out in this election is not so the turnout has been remarkable and therefore so are getting from the election commission say that estimates put around seven point five million people will came out to war to that of made in heaven which is made up much a significant rise from the last time but it was only the full point five million billboard is into town tonight. also the these elections of eighteen portends for the word and for the above is the committee itself because of the fact that this is the year that i'd need to lead the u s
Apr 26, 2014 7:00am PDT
happened in the daman district of kandahar province in southern afghanistan, saturday. five british troops died in a u.s. helicopter, making this the deadliest day this year for foreign forces in afghanistan. the coalition said in a statement, it is investigating the circumstances of this crash. the u.s. is preparing to withdraw its troops from afghanistan by the end of this year. >>> and in southern california, orange county, in fact, an suv goes out of control and slams into the front of a popular ice cream shop. a crowd of customers was gathered outside farrell's ice cream parlor on friday. witnesses say the silver suv surged forward suddenly from where it was parked, mowing down a metal fence and sending people scrambling to escape. a woman sitting at a bench outside that ice cream parlor was killed. six other people were injured. they were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. only minor and moderate injuries. one man at the ice cream shop said it appeared that the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. the cause of that accident is being investigated. >>> a massive explosion le
Apr 3, 2014 8:00pm EDT
? helpsn't because we didn't organize. they were subverted by taliban supervisors. >> kandahar was there core? >> it had been there ideological center. we help create this exclusionary political economy that left key elements of the population outside. that is the population from which the taliban drew strength to regenerate pakistan and come back in. great jobng a training the forces there. cases ine been assisting navies of other countries to only discover we were trying to get a navy that was conducting smuggling. one of the key things that we , we have to in iraq put the politics in the center of the efforts. then, recognize through the degree that our interests are congruent. case listenin this to trotsky. you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. [laughter] this is a tendency that we have. >> look what happened to trotsky. [laughter] >> war did happen to him. >> it did. tend to be ast we americans, we are optimistic people, our strength, our power, this tremendous example of our democratic society and economy, we defined the world. in relation to us.
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 12:00pm EDT
happened in kandahar province. it's understood the helicopter came down because of a technical fault. the crash is still under investigation. >>> at least 15 people have been killed in a series of apparent sectarian attacks in the iraqi capitol, baghdad. the killings come a day after bombings hit a shiia political rally killed at least 37 people. >> at a time al-qaeda-linked said it was behind the attack. it targeted an event for a movement accused of carrying out several sectarian attacks across iraq. hundreds of its members are fighting alongside government forces in syria. >>> security is going to be a big issue when iraqis do go to polls on wednesday. many are wondering if security forces are up to the challenge of safeguarding the capitol not just for the vote but for the long-term. iman kahn reports >> this is election command. cameras are rarely allowed into the nerve central that controls the movement of troops on the ground. as iraq's election gets closer, the government understands it faces security challenges. >> translator: the enemy is always trying to demoral eyes us b
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 1:00pm EDT
chopper went down in kandahar province. nato officials say they think it was a technical failure, but they're still investigating. there's no word yet on the nationalities of those on board. >>> more than 180 people have been killed in flash floods in afghanistan. 5,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, but several villages are completesly destroyed leaving them nothing to go back to. that's why the afghan military is running rescue missions in the worst affected areas but say medicine and drinking water is running out. >>> meanwhile farmers in colorado are fighting to save their crops. normal moisture levels haven't hit the southern part of the state in over a decade, and now farmers find an invasion of tumbleweeds. we have the details. >> reporter: this is not the desert southwest. at one time it was some of colorado's most productive land, but today about the only things left alive are cactus and tumbleweeds. >> these weeds are some of the most abrasive things you can cut. >> reporter: russell bennett is responsible for keeping roads open in southeast colorado's crowley count
Al Jazeera America
Apr 27, 2014 9:00am EDT
crash was an accident. it happened in kandahar. it's thought the helicopter came down because of a technical fault. the crash is still being investigated. they've had no reports of enemy activity in the area. >>> usually hot weather across india resulted with many people being treated in hospital. let's get more on this story. the heat in india catching up with people. here's rich. >> meteorologist: well, it's the time of year. just waiting for the monsoon rains to alleviate the heat. but in the meantime it continues to build and build, no signs of lapse in the build up we've got. 17 days this month temperatures have exceeded 40 degrees. you see the forecast has 44 in calcutta, so no change there. heat is lawing a part in weather conditions in the united states. the contrasting warm and cold has spawned one or two significant tornadoes. the friday tornado in north carolina was the first at three. we've had this season it's the slowest start to the season since the early 1950's. you can see the damage, pretty ncaaly event, 16 people injured, and the situation will probably get
Apr 22, 2014 6:30am PDT
are examining whether the syrian regime drop the substance on it that makes kandahar province during an attack ten days ago chlorine is not one of the prior see one or two chemicals syria has had to declare in the u n monitored scheme to destroy its stockpile of external reports we have information but no proof the minute the us state department said they did. see recent chemical attacks taking place in syria earlier this month. he had indications of these toxic industrial chemical probably chlorine in syria this month than the opposition dominated villages. here they have we're examining allegations that the government was responsible. i'm with stupid to turn to them knowing that it should be since the chemical attacks in pa site up on the eleventh and twelveth of april. dozens of civilians in keeping your children reported to suffer from suffocation. what is the key syrian troops loyal to back tournaments that the dropping against ball state on syrian television reported the ok to affiliated al masri front was beyond the attack french president was going on said there was no clear proof the
Apr 26, 2014 5:00pm PDT
of kandahar. but forces could be shot down the helicopter but officials have confirmed that the troops are preparing to meet the us context is that he initiated the meeting that asked if i can tell a bountiful to the local army they began about a teenage killer killed in the collapse of the four storey building people two the report needed courses not been identified yet i will set up in bed. but to witnesses say they have an explosion proof is that more people trapped inside in the nearby buildings could become the site because the media. secondly the us the breaking news if you just joined this right now we get reports in the last hour to gunfire going on in that time of solid dollars about fifty km away from saddam's cousin tim them up and just north of demands. according to the self defense representative is made at a retreat several of the wounded and one that might be kidnapped by the senate i could remember they work. the activists who reported the defending groups to weapons store houses to prevent the national guard for attaining said alms the checkpoint to indiana gutter but
Apr 26, 2014 5:30pm PDT
helicopter crashed. the chopper went down in kandahar city in the southern part of the country. an afghan official atibuted the crash to technical problems. the nationalities of the victims were not immediately released. the latest presidential election results out of afghanistan showed the foreign minister abdullah abdullah in the lead with 45%, followed by exworld bank economist with 31%. the two will compete in a runoff election six weeks from now. both candidates have said they will findsign a security pact w theted states. the agreement would put about 10,000 american troops in afghanistan beyond the end of this year. less than 24 hours after a tornado swept through north carolina, other parts of the nation could face severe storms tonight and tomorrow. this is the weather channel forecast for to fight, then this is what could be in store tomorrow. that twister in north carolina last eveng damaged hundreds of homes and left thousands without power, at least 30 people were reported injured. word that the scientists whose work in the 1960s helped establish the link between genetics and
Mar 31, 2014 10:00pm EDT
. though yesterday you had a campaign rally in kandahar. from all the candidates, he had the biggest turnout. which means that he has the biggest rally in kandahar. which is a bit surprising for everybody. to zalmai rassoul, he is considered a very weak person, not only him but the vice president he has. his second vice president used to be a governor. it will help him to secure some votes of women. as entire team is seen as, we say in afghanistan, a just saying team. whatever karzai says. >> i just want to follow up on something general allen set. this is an excellent analysis. i went to tee up one issue. president karzai is still 70% popular in afghanistan. he is not 70% popular in washington, but he is 70% popular in afghanistan. i'm trying to think through this question ron and i were focusing on. what are rassoul's real prospects? there is a certain undercurrent that if rassoul wins, it must mean something was fraudulent. i want to push back a little and ask you the following. isn't it possible that because afghans doi's guy, not mind that. he is a candidate of continuity and wi
Apr 25, 2014 5:00pm PDT
? and then there are those who simply believe the plane is wait ing to be found. diego garcia, kandahar, wherever you like. but the entire range of the families comes down to the same view that they still don't believe the government is providi providing enough information. >> and david souci, we hear the plane is moving elsewhere to search, you think that should have been that way all along. why? >> to me that ping reception would give them much more information. but i suspect through a couple of sources i talked to that that area is much deeper. so i think they kind of worked under where they thought they could work. and it was a good chance. it was in the center of all pings where they started. but they're going to have much better luck once they get deeper equipment where it could work and go up to the first ping. >> and david gallo, it seems as though it turned up nothing. has it been a waste of time or is that a fair criticism? >> i don't know, anderson, i don't think it has been a waste of time. knowing where the plane is not. that is important information. too. as long as they're confident that th
Apr 6, 2014 7:00am PDT
is never able to come back to major population centers in kandahar, southern afghanistan. you also want an american presence because it's from the u.s. bases in afghanistan that we were able to get bin laden and conduct vital counter terrorism operations and make sure it doesn't become again the locus of international terrorism directed at europe and the west. >> peter, a lot of people on the left don't feel like obama is -- sort of reneging on a commitment to end wars and innings like that. what do you think? >> no, i don't think so. i think what most americans care about is what you said. no americans have died in afghanistan, iraq. when you think about what happened at ft. hood, it's not the number of americans who die but the extraordinary number who are injured both in body and soul in terms of post-taumatic stress disorder. this is one of his major accomplishments as president. he said he was going to do it. he's doing it. it's been pretty clear, not that controversial domestically that he's moving towards a counterterrorism strategy as brett said and i don't hear a lot of republi
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 9:00am EDT
in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. it happened in kandahar provin province. it's understood that the helicopter came down because of a technical fault. the crash is still being investigated. >>> fighters belonging to the iraqi state in an explosion that killed 70 people in baghdad. there is a rally for the movement, ahead of parliamentary elections the movement is accused of carrying out several sectarian attacks across the country. hundreds of members are fighting along side government forces in syria. >>> security is the big issue for iraqis going to the polls in parliament election this is we week. we have reports now from baghdad. >> cameras are rarely allowed no this. the government understands that it faces security problems. >> preventing iraqis to exercise their democratic right to vote. we believe the stakes are high but we feel we have a concrete plan to help guarantee security. >> check points such as this dot the city. you can find them in the security plan, and soldiers understand the threats that they face. >> we are the spearhead. we are fighting terrorism on
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 2:00pm EDT
in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan, in kandahar province. it's understood it came down because of a technical fault. the crash is being investigated. >>> at least 15 people have been kld in a series of -- killed in a series of sectarian attacks in baghdad. the killings came after bombings at a shia political rally killed at least 37 people. al qaeda-linked group islamic state of iraq and levant says it was behind that attack. and said an event for the asaad allal-hack movement before the election. they are accused of carrying out attacks in southern syria. >>> it will be an issue when iraqis go to the polls. many wonder if the police are up to the challenge of protecting the capital - not just for the vote, but for the long term. imran khan reports. >> reporter: this is baghdad operations command, as the name suggests they are responsible for baghdad's security. cameras are rarely allowed into this - the nerve center controlling the movements of the troops on the ground. as the election gets closer they realise there are security concerns. >> the enemy is trying to demoralize u
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 6:00pm EDT
baghdad's command center. [ music ] in southern afghanistan, a british helicopter went down in kandahar province. nato is investigating. >>> in the northern, more have been forced to flee flood waters. villagers in fourth northwestern prove i knew i s ince z /* /- provinces >> in remote parts of north and west afghanistan, people's lives have been upsidedown. thousands were hit across four provinces. >> heavy rain and floods, people have suffered from lots of destruction. >> reporter: people are beginning to pick up the pieces after the floods. they say they still urgently need help. >> translator: so far. >> the regional police chief said they found many bodies and expect to find more. >> people took those dead bodies to the hospital and then the bodies were handed over to the families. around 7 villagers in the area were destroyed by flooding. >> it's the start of spring, usually a wet season, but not to the extent seen here in rebate days. the disaster relief committee says more than 5,000 people have been displaced and medicine and drinking water are running out. caroline malone, a
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 11:00pm EDT
troops have been killed in a helicopter crash. the british chopper went down in kandahar prove incide p /* pr p in afghanistan, top two contenders for president are gearing up for another round of voting. early results show neither won a majority. there will be a run-off in june. stefanie dekker has the details. >> we are satisfied with the result >> there isn't a new president just yet. but he will be chosen from one of two men. former foreign minister abdullah abdullah came first with 44.9% of the vote just missing out on a 50% needed to win outright. he will face a run-off with a former world bake economist who came in second with 31.5% of the ballots but not everyone thinks the second round is a good idea. >> the election problems have affected the economy for the past several months. business has gone down. it's not good to have a second round. people will not come out to vote because they are afraid. >> it's normal for if a candidate doesn't win in the first round, if we like it or not, did should go to a second round. we want it to be fair and the election complaints commission s
Al Jazeera America
Apr 5, 2014 9:00am EDT
. a lot of that in province where is the taliban still holds sway in kandahar. but by far the majority of polling stations were open. they have closed and the election commissioner has just told us that voting has now counted. the votes will be counted at those polling station where is people cast their votes and they'll transfer ultimately to kabul. and it will be another four or five days before we get a preliminary result of who the winners are expected to be. >> bernard. thank you for that update. bernard smith speaking to us from kabul. >>> neighboring pakistan has shut all border crossings into afghanistan until the conclusion of the ballot. the closures are aimed at boosting security. pakistan spy agency rejected allegations that it organized attacks on election officials. more than a million afghan refugees live across the border in pakistan, and they're not allowed to vote in this election. we spoke to a few of them. >> reporter: it's another day of life at the refugee camp just on the outskirts of the city. most of the refugees have been living in this country for decades wil
Apr 7, 2014 7:00pm PDT
is the desire to see india on the right track in afghanistan's kandahar province at least thirty children two attacks a suicide bombing. card targeting a convoy of nato troops the taliban claiming responsibility for the first attack a reminder about how both while afghanistan remains after saturday's first round of presidential elections. despite sporadic fraud claims that exceeded the expectations of many elections where the vote counting is only just beginning. an emotional ceremony in kigali to mark the twentieth anniversary of the rwandan genocide the stars extend well beyond tutsis and hutus. her parents downsized its delegation protested president polk saddam is fresh accusations of complicity in genocide his speech included appointed allusion to france said could i make no country no matter how powerful can think it can rewrite history undergoing you gesture to attend the ceremony the russian president is light and nineteen in town together tonight to claim that was banned for one hundred days and then reaching more than eight hundred thousand rwandans been damaged and the genocides tw
Apr 7, 2014 7:00am PDT
that there was an explosion in kandahar? >> yes, it appears that an american convoy was target bade car bomb, and then several afghan civilians, 13 civilians were killed. they were not killed by the actual explosion, but a bus was diverted off of the road after the americans set up a convoy, and then crashed, so it appears that it was a secondary knock-on effect of this official attack by the taliban. a number of afghans thought that the election went better than expected, and they were particularly happy that the aft afghan security forces were able to do it by themselves. a lot of the afghans are worried what will happen to the country in the future as the american troops drawdown and not in evident on the streets across the country, and this time, while the american forces were still providing logistics and intelligence and overwatch with aircraft, they weren't actually on any of the locations securing any of the polling stations, and so that gave them another boost of confidence. >> and david, no large scale attacks, and even on the election eve there were 23 deaths. so what is your read of the election?
Apr 28, 2014 8:00am PDT
prisons. they are said to be on the nato coalition basis of kandahar and camp bastion. they have not declined the cla im. the u.s. has announced new sanctions on russia and the continued standoff over the crisis in ukraine. speaking today in manila, president obama said he would expand the list targeting russian individuals and firms with financial and diplomatic penalties. >> russia has not yet chosen to move forward. the sanctions represent the next stage in a calibrated effort to change their behavior. we do not yet know whether it will work. ift is why the next phase, we saw further russian aggression toward ukraine -- could be sectoral sanctions. targeted and addressing sectors like banking or the defense industries. >> tensions in ukraine remain high with continued violence. pro-russian separatist seized a group of monitors for the security and cooperation group. want toratists say they trade the monitors for a group of their jailed activists. meanwhile, the mayor of ukraine's second-largest city has been seriously wounded in a shooting. doctors say the mayor is fighting fo
Apr 23, 2014 4:00pm PDT
ideas searching up in kandahar and looking for landing sites and anything else like that simply are not run as compares to what they're looking at the moment. >> thank you very much, richard quest will be with you in a moment. "outfront," that big question we raised with no debris. there is a big question about whether that plane may have actually landed somewhere. >>> plus, a ferry capsizes with hundreds still on board. so what else was on the boat? >>> and the death toll from a major ebola outbreak, the most deadly strain in the world rising tonight. dr. sanjay gupta exclusively outfront. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing ever
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 4:00pm EDT
in helicopter crashes in southern afghanistan. the british chapper went down in kandahar prove incideprovince. there is no word on the nationalities of those on board >> an election campaign rally came to a bloody end in iraq yesterday. an off-shoot of al-qaeda set off bombs killing 30 and injures dozens more. about 10,000 gathered at a baghdad stadium. they planned to announce candidates for upcoming elections. many worry whether the government can secure bbaghdad >> this is baghdad operations command. they are responsible for baghdad's security. cameras are rarely allowed into this, the nerve center that controls the movements of troops on the ground. as iraq's election gets closer, the government understands it faces security challenges. >> the enemy is trying to demoral eyes us by spreading hatred to prevent iraqis to exercise their democratic right to vote. we believe the stakes are high, but we feel we have a concrete plan to help guarantee security. checkpoints such as this dot the city. you can find them every few kilometers, the most visible sign of the government's secure plan. the
Apr 25, 2014 2:00pm PDT
like diego, garcia or kandahar or the like and believe they're not only not given information but details are being hidden. so you have a spectrum of objections by the families into this, but i do have to say, it's not all the families that believe this. many of them have taken the approach that they do recognize the reality of what has happened, have chosen to take what they would see as a dignified silence and are now waiting to get on with the compensation claims and to get on with their lives. >> and what's been the reaction to what he acknowledged, the prime minister, in that exclusive interview with you, richard, when he said that malaysian military radar did pick up this plane, they thought it was the plane flying over malaysian airspace. they didn't think it was a hostile. they didn't think it was 100% sure it was this malaysian airliner, but they didn't scramble jets because they didn't think it was a hostile environment. what's been the reaction to that? >> reporter: this is clearly the smoking gun, if you like, and so far, nobody's really running with it except, i m
Apr 16, 2014 3:30pm EDT
that is an important question of an obviously popular ticket items, a decrease in, especially in kandahar province has issued declarations that they will be holding. what do you think the odds of a free and fair election are given, you know, getting kind of stuck between a rock and fireplace with government kind of issuing certain decrees and the board of commissioners recently issuing their resignation. to those mechanisms for dispute resolution, should there be any allegation? >> you know, i've won't say relatively, but they have been free and fair. they have allowed international. we have not mentioned one of the -- probably the strongest insulants is on should we but, say nothing of who should we vote for. only once actually recommended voting for a specific candidate to my knowledge, did encourage voting for the block in the first election, but i think most of them tend to -- they do support voting and the process and i think that that is a strong incentive for many to do this. i think that they will. the other thing is security will be so tight. three days or four or five days. traffic is virtua
FOX News
Apr 26, 2014 3:00am PDT
in the kandahar province. that's just about 31 miles from the border of pakistan. right now no words on the nationalities of those killed. the taliban claims to have shot the aircraft down with a being row. violence has been increasing in afghanistan. ahead of the nato withdraw and in the days leading up to the country's election. overnight, strong storms packing high winds, hail and even tornadoes. slamming through parts of north carolina. the hardest hit was bow ford county. that's where a state of emergency has been declared. 1100 homes damaged there. several mobile homes flattened. trees toppled over into roadways. some injuries have been reported. no word on just how serious. they were supposed to be at prom last night. instead, students at one connecticut high school went to a vigil for their murdered classmate. hundreds gathered at the beach in their dresses and tuxedos and released balloons into the air as they remembered 16-year-old maren sanchez. the junior slashed to death at school after she rejected a boy who asked her to the dance. he has been charged with murder she po
Apr 26, 2014 11:00am PDT
helicopter crashed saturday in the kandahar province. today marks the deadliest day this year for foreign forces in afghanistan. the cause of the crash is not yet known. >>> meanwhile, back in the states, several tornadoes caused damage and power outages in eastern north carolina friday night, including this one that was caught on camera. according to officials, two mobile homes were destroyed. and the weather here in new york tomorrow should be pretty good for the second annual 9/11 memorial 5k run and walk. the event raises awareness about the national september 11th memorial and museum. >>> as of right now, 17 states and the district of columbia have legalized same-sex marriage, but it was on this day in the year 2000 that vermont became the first state in the nation to allow civil unions. on the same day, the supreme court heard arguments over whether the boy scouts should allow gay members. >> the boy scouts told the supreme court today that homosexuality is incompatible with the scouting oath to be, quote, morally straight. and their lawyers say, their right to freedom expression. >
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